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As a common rainproof tool, Demeng Plastic Trapaulin is widely used

PE Tarpaulin

1. Storage.

Linyi Demeng Plastic Products Co., Ltd  Tarpaulin has the good anti-ultraviolet ability, and can also play a good role in protecting valuables. It is often used to cover grain during the harvest season, which can effectively avoid grain. The fertilizer is affected by heat and humidity and has a strong protection ability.

2. Transportation.

There will inevitably be rain and snow during long-distance transportation. In windy and sandy weather, covering with tarpaulin can prevent the goods from being baptized by wind and rain, and ensure that the goods can reach their destination safely.

3. Outdoor activities.
When the weather is fine, it is a good choice to take a tarpaulin and go out for a picnic or a trip.

4. Cover.

It can also be used to build buildings, machinery, goods, etc.

Everything has its service life, and even the wear-resistant tarpaulin is no exception, so the tarpaulin also needs to be well maintained, so how to maintain the tarpaulin, and what should be paid attention to in the application?

1. During use, try to keep the tarpaulin as dry as possible. After sealing the goods with a tarpaulin, it is best to hang the tarpaulin to air dry. If there is dirt on the surface, gently brush it with cold water and it will be OK. Do not use chemical reagents to clean it, so as not to damage the waterproof effect of the tarpaulin.

2. The mildewed tarpaulin surface will undoubtedly reduce its moisture-proof performance. Once the surface of the tarpaulin is moldy, it is recommended to use a sponge dipped in a detergent and gently scrub to remove mildew spots

3. When using the tarpaulin, do not step on it artificially, so as not to damage the strength of the fabric.

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