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The high-quality PE Tarpaulin is waterproof and low-temperature resistant.


PE Tarpaulins are generally made of polyester as gray cloth material and then made of wax oil. They are waterproof, mildew-proof, and dust-proof. Of course, there are different types.

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If it is made of PE cloth, the main component is polyethylene. The polyethylene resin is extruded and blown into a film. It is light, soft, easy to shape, has good light transmittance, and is non-toxic. The waterproof nylon tarpaulin has excellent mildew resistance, flame retardancy, and waterproofness. It is more waterproof than other tarpaulins, has good low softness, high strength, strong pulling force, and is relatively light. The main characteristics of silicone tarps are light, soft, breathable, non-stick to dust, wear-resistant, and waterproof. They are mainly used in open-air cargo yards, tents, etc.PE Tarpaulin

The purpose of the tarpaulin must be clearly defined. PE tarpaulin can only be used to cover moisture-resistant and flammable goods. For goods that are easily damaged by the tarpaulin, safety protection measures must be taken before they can be covered with a tarpaulin. Then, timely inspections must be carried out and a comprehensive inspection of the moisture-proof tarpaulins of the entire base must be carried out.


Check for errors, check out any damaged PE tarpaulins, and contact relevant personnel for repairs. Those that are scrapped and unusable should be stopped and reported to superiors for re-equipment. In addition, dedicated personnel are responsible for PE tarpaulin management, and base enterprise transporters and loading and unloading teams cooperate with the collection, sorting, folding, drying, pickup and delivery, and covering of moisture-proof PE tarpaulins.


Only with good management can the service life of the tarpaulin be extended to a great extent, which can actually reduce the capital-output of the cargo yard.

low-temperature resistant


The PE tarpaulin is strong and resistant to folding, has good waterproof properties, and can be used for car transport covers and open-air storage, as well as for storage of sports in nature. The warp and weft of fine tarpaulin are used to make protective work clothes and its products, and after dyeing, they can also be used as shoes, travel bags, backpacks, etc. In addition, there are rubber tarpaulins, protective tarpaulins for fire protection and radiation protection, and tarpaulins for paper machines. Usually, the color of tarpaulins is mostly dyed in a later process. According to the different colors, the products are divided into polyethylene colored cloth and polypropylene cloth, that is, new material cloth and old color material cloth. For example, new tarpaulin colors are brighter, more flexible, and have a longer shelf life.

Colored PE tarpaulins come in many colors and can be roughly divided into two-color tarpaulins and multi-color tarpaulins. High-quality colorful tarpaulin is waterproof and low-temperature resistant.



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