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What is the relationship between the thickness and quality of PE tarpaulin ?

The thickness of the PE tarpaulin produced by the PE tarpaulin manufacturer is different. Its advantage is very thick, but some products are also very thin, there are many consumers who do not know how to choose, and some people even think that the product There is a relationship between thickness and product quality, let us find out below!


In fact, we can say that it doesn’t matter whether the quality of this product is suitable for the thickness of the product. In general, the thickness of the products we use can be kept at 0.35 mm to 0.8 mm, and in production At the time, the thickness of this product needs to be determined according to the thickness of the yarn count, the density of the base fabric weaving, and the thickness of the coating material. Therefore, the thickness of this product will not have any relationship with the quality of the product. , It’s only related to the quality of the raw materials of the product.

When we are choosing, the first thing we need to pay attention to is its material. The most important thing is to see if it contains toxic substances because this toxic substance is easy to emit toxic gas after use, which is harmful to the environment. If the quantity selected is relatively large, it is best to go to the field for inspection, then compare the quality and price, and choose the product with the highest cost performance. You can also put the selected product outdoors and pass the sunlight test, to see how its sunshade function is.

It can be seen that the quality of the plastic tarpaulin is not judged by its thickness. We need to understand the product performance of the plastic tarpaulin through various other parameters, and then choose a suitable tarpaulin. For more information, please contact us for consultation-Linyi Demeng Plastic Products Co.,Ltd


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